My brand has gone a name change in 2020, from Lupa to Didem Artisan Leather. 



Handicraft Leather by Didem Kurtoglu

    After working as a stylist and costume design in fashion magazines and TV shows for several years, i decided to go my own way as a designer.

My first project was in 2014, printing my visual artworks as wearable pieces under the name of "Leona". A combination of experiences dedicated to psytrance culture and visionary art.

      Leather, followed my passion. Inspired by different ages of costume history & geography and the artisanry work of leather, i combine nomadic culture and various ancient inspired art and modernise all in one handcraft work.

I find leather as an ideal tool to reflect my designs, and i love to maintain the way of slow and sustainable living.


       Consuming less, and using a piece for long time. My bags gets their shape in time, leather don't get old like industrial products, so I am offering you sustainable & slow-fashion pieces that will never get old.


I don’t support the industrial consumption chaineach piece is criticized to get maximum stylish look & comfort so you don’t have to buy a new one next season. Leather stitches and color gets in shape every other day. You will use my bags and accessories for many years or maybe many life times. Being away from the global supply chain, I don't produce in big factories or ateliers, my- business is zero-waste.


Didem offers you sustainable pieces that will never get old, instead you will like more on each day.  


     Recycled leather is an essential part of my designs, I buy %40 of my leather from second hand sources, that is why I have so many patterns and different textures on my pieces. 


My aim is to expose the authenticity of a person by carrying a design which is surfaced after many trials, and thought upon many styles to create one perfect piece



Visual expression of the connections of life weaves through all sentient beings.